Winter Island Park

May 17 thru 21, 2023

Winter Island Campground
50 Winter Island Road
Salem, MA 01960
Manager: Dave Gilbert

Wagon Masters: Mikeee & Cathie Tassinari

Please note that Mikeee is collecting all Campground site fees and assigning sites!
Do not call the Campground as it is closed.

This is a list of the basic fees you will need to join us at this Jamboree.
Campsite: $45.00 per night.
Pavilion rental: $30.00 per rig.
Registration: $25.00 per person.
Optional trip to Boston – This will happen on Thursday May 18, 2023
Commuter Rail: Salem MA to Boston’s North Station. $16.00 round trip as of 10/1/2022
Trolley to the Commuter Rail and back to the Campground: To be determined
When sending your CG deposit to Mikeee, could you kindly let me know if this day trip is of interest to
you so I can have a person count when negotiating a price with the trolley people next spring.

Additional CG site information.

  1. $45.00 per night for a Water & Electric site anywhere that a site is available.
  2. You do not need to reserve a CG site for all 4 nights. Just the nights you are showing up.
  3. There is a $45.00 deposit to make a reservation.
  4. Any cancellation 7 days prior to arrival, you will not get your deposit back.

I am sorry I have to do this but I had too many no-shows and cancellations last year and once I give the campground the number of sites I need, I am committed to paying for at least 1 night. If you wish a specific CG site, please indicate the site number.
If it’s available, I will confirm it with you.

You may send your deposit or the full amount any time after April 1, 2023.
The reason for no reservations in Jan/Feb/March 2023 is the simple fact I am in Florida and your check will just sit on my desk till I get home.

Make Checks/Money Orders payable to:
Michael Tassinari
Mail to:
Michael Tassinari
15 Stevens Street, Peabody, MA 01960

Safari Field:

We will be doubling up on all Safari Field sites.
Because of the nature of the safari field, sites will be assigned as you arrive.
I have the ability to create 6 additional sites in the Safari Field: They are dedicated 20 amp service only.

Water Front Sites next to the pavilion.

The following water front sites have already been reserved:
16, 16a, 16b, 16c, 16d & 16e.

Water View Sites on the side of the storage Hanger looking out towards the Light House.

Sites: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 have a 30 amp service.
1a: has a 20 amp service – It is not on the CG site map but I have permission to put an RV there if needed.
These 6 sites can be reserved during the reservation period stated above.
Just let me know when you send your check what site you would like.

Water View sites just before the storage Hanger.

10 & 10a are available to reserve as well.
Just let me know when you send your check what site you would like.

Water Front sites to the left of the Boat Ramp.

Sites: 12, 13, 14 & 15 are not available until the start of our Jamboree.
These sites have boats or docks in them for winter storage and I will not know if they are available till I show up.


I have once again reserved the heated and enclosed Pavilion for our use.
Wednesday Night: May 17, 2023: – 6:00PM to 8:00PM.
Friday, May 19, 2023 – All Day & Night.
Saturday, May 20, 2023 – All Day & Night.
Sunday, May 21, 2023 – 8:00AM to 10:00AM.

Additional information on the optional day trip into Boston.

The Campground is approximately 2 miles from the commuter rail station in Salem MA.
You can purchase your tickets directly from the conductor as there is no ticket sales office at this stop. The commuter rail train stops at North Station in Boston. That is directly under the Boston Garden. You are looking at approximately a 45 minuet trip one way.
In the afternoon, you will get back on the same train and get off at the Salem Stop.
Some will be there to pick you up and bring you back to the Campground.
The trolley cost will be for one trip TO the Salem commuter rail stop in the morning.
The trolley cost will for one trip BACK to the Campground in the afternoon.
I will have my car if you decide to stay late in Boston and miss the scheduled trolley pick up in the afternoon.

Stay Tuned