4 Mile Creek

August 21 thru 26, 2022

4 Mile Creek State Park
1055 Lake Road
Youngstown NY 14174

Wagon Masters: Mikeee & Cathie Tassinari

For 2021, I was a bit hesitant to pick a Campground where I needed the group to go thru the Reserve America system. But you all proved me wrong and we had almost 40 rigs show up at Wellesley Island State Park in upper NY. So why not do it again in 2022 but give as much notice as possible. 4 Mile Creek CG was recommended to me with great views of Lake Ontario.
Can you believe we already have 16 rigs that have made reservations? Yipeeeee
Please note that you need to make reservations through Reserve America NY.

Reservations: You need to go to the: Reserve America NY.

Would you kindly notify Mikeee if you are coming to this Jamboree?

           Arrival: Sunday, August 21, 2022
           Depart: Friday, August 26, 2022

Check-in: 3:00pm

Wagon Master: Mikeee & Cathie Tassinari We are on site 081

Site Costs: 5 nights plus taxes came to: $157.25

Registration: $25.00 per person to help defray various activities.

Additional Costs: Once I know the cost of renting the onsite pavilion I will post it here.

Pavilion: There is a smallish 20×30 pavilion I hope to rent. On the site map it is: 4-MC-2

The group is currently located in the 020 to 060ish area.
I am going to list some more sites but if they are taken, reserve whatever site works for you
As of December 13, 2021 the following sites are still available, in and around where we are located.
Sites: 017 – 019 – 024 – 026 – 028 – 055 – 056 – 062 – 200 – 202 – 204 – 206 – 208 – 210 – 212 – 214-

Stay Tuned