Blackthorne Resort

Aug 5 thru 9, 2020

Blackthorne Resort
348 Sunside Road
East Durham NY 12423
Wagon Masters: Joe & Marianne Zecca

You can arrive as early as Sun; Aug. 2, 2020
(or any other date between Aug. 2 and Aug. 5)
and still enjoy the discounted rate.

Campsite Costs

  • $18 per night for a rig with one occupant
  • $36 per night for a rig with more than one occupant.
  • $16 per night for military or veterans.
    (only the individual; not the entire party
    – thus, one veteran and one spouse would cost $34)

Please note that our contract with the campground requires us to collect all the campsite costs.
So, please consider helping us out by bringing enough cash to cover the campground costs and the registration fees.


Please do not call the campground to make reservations!
To make a reservation send an Email to Mikeee.
When making a reservation, please indicate the date of your arrival as well as how many people will be in your group.

Our Sites

Our sites will be adjacent to and directly in front of the pavilion. There will be 50 rigs arranged in a double-deep arc, with the community campfire pit conveniently placed. The showers are nearby. The swimming pool is directly behind the pavilion. Once this area is full additional rigs can still be accommodated (the campground is very large), but these rigs would be somewhat further away from the pavilion.

Each camper would be connected to a dedicated electric circuit of at least 20 amps. Each will be connected to the water supply. There are no sewer connections at the individual sites, but (in addition to the campground dump station) the campground will pump out individual rigs at any time at no charge, upon request (with some advance notice). The pump-out truck will be at our sites on Sunday morning to accommodate everyone who wishes to be pumped out.


Wi-Fi is available in and around the office area.


Pets are welcome as long as they have a current rabies certificate.

Stay Tuned