Chocorua Camping Village

October 12 Thru 15, 2017


Chocorua Camping Village

893 White Mountain Hwy
Tamworth, NH 03886
(603) 323-8536
Wagon Masters: Mike & Cathie Tassinari
Calendar of Events

The campground is closed Columbus Day weekend (10/09/17) and re-opens only for our group the following weekend.

Discount: The discount for this Jamboree depends on the site you pick and the amount of rigs that attend. The owner has not made a decision on the 2017 rates, so I can’t give you a figure at this time.

Campground Reservations: Since the Campground is closed when we arrive, we have the entire Campground to ourselves except for the few seasonal that are still there. There is really no set time to make a reservation, except to get the negotiated discount; you must make a reservation by the end of business day October 1, 2017. It will be solely up to the Campground to offer you our discount after October 1, 2017.

Campground Sites: Campground Map

Campground Site Availability: Should a member arrive early on the day they are scheduled to arrive, there will be no extra charge for them to go to their site IF it is available.

Campground Cancellation Policy: Cancellations seven days or less will be charged one day. Prior to seven days will be a full refund. Inside 7 days the campground at its discretion, may offer to roll over your deposit to the 2018 camping season.

Pets: Pets are welcome but must have Rabies certificate.